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Tony is a local radio DJ, sports announcer and community advocate. When he was diagnosed with damage to his vocal chords and told that surgery would likely be the only treatment, Tony grew concerned.  After three sessions of PEMF therapy, Tony noticed considerable improvement. Upon returning to his doctor for futher evalution, it was determine that the accelerated healing mechanism of PEMF was able to keep Tony from enduring a career dampening surgery.  

Case Studies

Here you will find a number of stories, images and amazing results, from actual Davison Pulse Therapy clients, that are common with the use of PEMF therapy. What can we help YOU achieve?

"Big" is a lovely gelding who belongs to a wonderful young rider.  He loves his job and is always happy to please. Big enjoys regular PEMF sessions to ensure he is able to perform at his best and feel great doing it.  This image shows his body before and after a full body session.  Notice the increased suppleness along the top of his body as well as the softening of his musculature.  Riders always report that thier horses feel calmer, looser and more supple after a PEMF session. After seeing this image of Big, it is easy to see why. 

"Big" - Improved Performance 

"Baby" - Stifle Injury

After just a few week of life, "Baby" managed to injure her right stifle.  She has been evaluated by a handful of veterinarins, however the exact cause of the injury is unknown.  "Baby" is lame on her right rear, is experiencing significant swelling and gait abnormality. After about a month with no real improvments, Baby began PEMF sessions.  As you can see, PEMF is accelerating the healing process and significant improvment can be seen after just a handful of PEMF sessions. So far, Baby has received 5 sessions over the 14 days and the owner reoports drastic gait improvment, increased mobility and decreased overall swelling and inflammation.  Follow up appointments with the treating veterinarian confirm these improvments. Baby continues to receive regualr PEMF support as she continues to heal. 

"Maverick" - Hoof Abscess

Maverick was suffering from a right rear lameness. Upon further examination by his veterinarian, it was radiographically determined that he had a hoof abscess.  Maverick was schedule for a series PEMF therapy sessions.  Within 24 hours of his first session, the abscess popped! His second session was 48 hours after the first and facilitated drainage and accelrated healing. Maverick was sound in just a few days as opposed to a couple of weeks!

Tony Rose - Vocal Chord Damage

Rebecca Hoos-Mazzoni - Back Pain

Becca is a serious athlete, coach and new mother so when back pain caused her to slow down we needed to find a solution, quick.  Consistent PEMF therapy is alleviating inflammation and discomfort in Becca's lower back.  She finds that PEMF provides her with extra energy and allows her to keep up with her busy schedule. 

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