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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your questions about PEMF Therapy...

What is PEMF and how dose it work?

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is also known as "celluar exercise".  This therapy delivers energy to all living cells, regardless of species, and promotes a healthier life by restoring tired and damaged cells to thier ideal charge.  PEMF stiumilates challenged and tired cells to pump out waste and toxins and recieve fresh nutrients and oxygen! These are all the things a cell must do to function properly and heal itself.This unique, drug free tool stimulates the body to heal itself by gently pulsing an adjustable magnetic field safely into cells. 

Who can benefit from PEMF therapy?

Everyone!! Scientific research has proven that stress, overuse, illness and performace causes cells to become electrically imbalanced.  PEMF therapy restores that balance while increasing circulation and oxygen flow.  This will allow for optimum health, wellness and performance.  

Therefore, pets, horses and people can ALL experience great benefits with PEMF therapy. 


How long do pulse sessions last? and does it hurt?

Sessions typically last 30-40min.  Additional time, if warrented, may be added on. See Packages and Fees for more details. The positive effects from a session may be noticed right away. However, the cells will contiune to benefit from the PEMF therarpy for up to 72hrs. 

PEMF therapy should NOT be painful...but rather a gentle and pleasant experience.  Great care is taken by our certified practicioners to be fully aware of our patients' body language to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying thier treatment. 


What conditions can PEMF help manage?

Inflammation/Arthritis                    Ulcers


Fatigue/Discomfort/Irridability       Immune Strengthening


Neurologic Issues                              Wound Healing                               

Respiratory Issues                            Post Surgical Recovery


Skin Conditions                                Opthalmic Issues


Orthopedic/Soft Tissue Concerns    ...and more!





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